Special Thanks 👏!

Today’s Neighborhood Meet ‘n Greet was #awesome! Neighbors were able to meet and connect with their community leaders, nonprofits and other persons who make our neighborhoods work!

Special thanks to St. Louis County Councilwoman Rita Days and Mr. Courtney Allen Curtis, the St. Louis County Department of Transportation, the City of Ferguson (including Mayor James W. Knowles III, Mr. Byron Fleetwood Fry, Mrs. Heather Kruse Robinett, Mrs. Ella M. Jones, and Mr. Jeffery Blume), the Ferguson Police Department, the Ferguson Fire Department, the Ferguson Civilian Review Board, the Ferguson Municipal Public Library, Strength and Honor Mentoring and Tutoring and the Ferguson-Florissant School District’s FACE Office (Mr. Albert Harrold), Zion Lutheran Church of Ferguson, Good Shepherd Arts Center, Ms. LaTasha Brown and the SE Ferguson Community Association, Mrs. Renee Benage and the North Elizabeth Neighborhood Association, Mrs. Jackie Lewis-Harris, Mrs. Erica Williams and Mrs. Cassandra Butler of A Red Circle Nonprofit Organization, Mrs. Deborah Rice-Carter and EarthDance Organic Farm School, the Ferguson Senior Citizens’ Commission and the Ferguson Farmers Market.

And, thank you to the Ferguson Times for publicity support, and to Dwayne T James for his logistical and moral support!

And special thanks to Dwight Curry, Levi Stewart, Bretta Williams, Dan Petru, Sherri Chisholm, Tiffany Bush, LaTasha Brown and Virginia Manning for going door-to-door passing-out flyers and spreading the word.

All of these people and organizations helped to make today’s Neighborhood Meet ‘n Greet possible and successful! There were also people who could not attend, but also helped to get the word out.

We hope that everyone who attended received information that could help make their experiences in our hometown better, easier and more enriching.

To learn more about the Northwest Ferguson Neighborhood Association, visit us online at http://www.NWFNA.org, or email us at info@NWFNA.org.

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